Oct 20, 2023

Marines Test Fire Robot Dog Armed With Rocket Launcher

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Dogs of War bots.

Armed with a rocket launcher or other kinds of weapons, including small arms, a quadrupedal robot could also just be used to scout ahead of friendly forces, and then have the ability to immediately engage any threats it finds.

Uncrewed ground systems like this have the ability to get in and out of spaces where a person might not be able to at all, as well, which could again be particularly useful when maneuvering through dense urban environments. The U.S. military sees operations in large built-up areas as a key component of any future major conflict.

This is, of course, not the first time that the U.S. military has explored the idea of a small armed uncrewed ground vehicle that could accompany even very small units. Designs based on tracked robots primarily designed for explosive ordnance disposal work have been and continue to be developed.

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