Oct 25, 2023

Groundbreaking Discoveries About Human Brain and Neuronal Complexity

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about recent discoveries about human brain and various types of neuronal cells.
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More about Neanderthals:
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0:00 Recent papers on the human brain.
1:00 Human brain atlas and 3,000 new types of cells.
2:00 What was this collaboration for?
2:40 Unexpected complexity of cells in certain brain parts.
4:00 Are there a lot of individual differences? Yes!
4:40 Physical structure appears same across species.
5:10 Genetic activity is very different though.
5:35 Human disorders are unique to humans.
6:30 Unusual layers protecting the brain — SLYM
7:38 Axons turned out to be more unusual, especially in other species.
9:35 Shape of the brain suggests apes and humans are similar only until adolescence.
12:15 Hippocampus in humans is unique focusing on vision…explaining art?
13:48 New memory cell discovered.
15:45 Limitations.

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