Oct 17, 2023

Fire & Disaster Resistant, This Sustainable Home in Kerala Can be Packed & Relocated!

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Imagine a home that is eco-friendly, resilient to disasters, and can be built in a fraction of the time it takes to construct a traditional home.

That’s what’s possible with LGSF (Light Gauge Steel Frame) technology.

In Kozhikode, architect Majid TK has designed a unique LGSF home for Dr Jayakumar and his family. This weekend getaway home that can be disassembled, packed, and reassembled wherever you want.

Click the link here to learn more about LGSF homes.

Made for Dr Jayakumar and his family as a weekend getaway home, this unique house in Kozhikode is made using an ecofriendly technology called LGSF.

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