Sep 5, 2023

Astronauts Could Use SpaceX Starships That Fly Unmanned to Orbit and the Space Station in 2024

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Human rating the SpaceX Starship could take a few years after it is flying successfully to orbit. However, the SpaceX Starship could fly unmanned into orbit and even dock with the ISS Space Station.

ErcXSpace has some renderings of what the SpaceX Starship looks like in orbit and docked with the Space Station. It would be trivial and fast for SpaceX Starship to be able to hold safe living conditions. The human rating issues are more difficult to prove launching reliably and safely. This would also mean proving launch abort safety.

If the SpaceX Starship flies unmanned to orbit then astronauts could fly up via other systems like the SpaceX Dragon and dock and board Starships.

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