Aug 23, 2023

NVIDIA Debuts AI-Enhanced Real-Time Ray Tracing for Games and Apps With New DLSS 3.5

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The latest advancements in AI for gaming are in the spotlight today at Gamescom, the world’s largest gaming conference, as NVIDIA introduced a host of technologies, starting with DLSS 3.5, the next step forward of its breakthrough AI neural rendering technology.

DLSS 3.5, NVIDIA’s latest innovation in AI-powered graphics is an image quality upgrade incorporated into the fall’s hottest ray-traced titles, from Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty to Alan Wake 2 to Portal with RTX.

But NVIDIA didn’t stop there. DLSS is coming to more AAA blockbusters; emotion is being added to AI-powered non-playable characters (NPCs); Xbox Game Pass titles are coming to the GeForce NOW cloud-gaming service; and upgrades to GeForce NOW servers are underway.

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