Aug 24, 2023

Archax, the 15 foot tall mecha that can be piloted by a human

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Only five bots will be made and are priced at $2.5 million a piece.

Japanese company Tsubame pulls this straight from science fiction and makes Transformer-like mecha robots. The first, dubbed Archax, has a cockpit where a human can sit to pilot the bot and, at the touch of a button, can even take a different form. Although not with the finesse, the Autobots manage with animation in the movie franchise.

Fans of Japanese culture might be aware of the importance of giant mechanical robots in the country’s entertainment scene and how they have become a genre in themselves. Japanese companies, known for their expertise in robotics, have also delved into building real-world replicas of these, but nothing constructed so far has come as close to what Tsubame has achieved.

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