Jul 22, 2023

Gen Z’s digital natives will seem old-fashioned next to ‘Gen A,’ the first A.I. native generation, BofA says

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Just as Ray Kurzweil predicted in the book The Age of Spiritual Machines.

The analysts cited Timothy Papandreou, an advisor to Alphabet’s research and development organization, X (formerly GoogleX), who explained at a recent event that A.I. will lead to a transition from a generation of programmers to a generation of “perfect prompters” as kids learn to utilize generative A.I. “assistants” throughout their lives.

Gen A won’t need programming skills to use their A.I models, instead they will work to properly prompt these systems with simple text to get the desired outcome, whether that’s finding information about Kafka for a school paper or writing an email at work.

“Children will now have an A.I. avatar shadow assistant or agent from birth. As they grow A.I. will grow with them and know everything it needs to know, and always be there as a mentor,” Papandreou said, arguing that Gen Z will be the “last generation to not grow up with AI.”

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