Jun 17, 2023

Chicken or Egg? Scientists claim to have found answer to centuries-old puzzle

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In a new study, the scientists claimed to have found the answer to one of the most baffling questions in the history of humankind — ‘What came first: Chicken or the egg?’. The question has to date left everyone, from scholars to schoolchildren, stumped. However, scientists now claim to have discovered the answer.

As per the researchers from the University of Bristol, the early ancestors of reptiles and modern birds are likely to have given birth to live young and may have not laid eggs, according to The Times. The Journal Nature Ecology and Evolution published the study which detailed the discovery.

Scientists, along with researchers from Nanjing University, have challenged the belief which existed so far that hard-shelled eggs were the reason for the success of amniotes, which are animals whose foetuses are developed inside an amnion (membrane or sack) inside the egg.

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