May 4, 2023

New longevity conference will span research to evidence-based clinical practice

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Next week will see the first Sheba Longevity Conference, a meeting that will bring together all relevant stakeholders in the multidisciplinary field of longevity medicine, providing a forum for showcasing outstanding research and scientific breakthroughs. The conference will also include the opening ceremony of the public academic hospital longevity center at Sheba Hospital.

The conference aims to foster collaborations that will accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries into clinical practices and facilitate a shift in Israel’s national healthy longevity policy. The event will also include an exhibition space for sponsors, partners and industry representatives to promote dialogue and showcase their work.

Longevity. Technology: Kirkland, Rando, Barzilai, Maier, Zhavoronkov, Verdin, Mannick… the Sheba Longevity Conference has bagged some longevity A-listers who will be discussing senescence, geroscience, global longevity, aging clocks and more. We sat down with one of the founders of Sheba Longevity, Dr Evelyne Bischof, to find out more.

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