Mar 2, 2023

Tesla teases mysterious “wireless” home charger on Investor Day

Posted by in categories: sustainability, transportation

The photo showed the rear end of a red Tesla Model S parked in a home garage. A rather large Tesla home charger could be seen on a wall, but it did not seem to be plugged into the all-electric flagship sedan directly at all. Instead, the Model S was parked over what looked like a wireless charging pad. This promptly fueled speculations that Tesla may be looking to roll out a wireless charging system, at least for residential customers, in the future.

A wireless charging system for Teslas would be nothing short of a game-changer. The company’s Supercharger Network already changed the game thanks to its ease of use and convenience. But even manually plugging in a Tesla to a charger is less convenient than just parking over a charging pad. Of course, there are some notable disadvantages to wireless charging, such as slower charging speeds. But if Tesla can figure out a way to roll out a wireless charging system with at least a decent charging rate, the company’s vehicles would likely become even more attractive to consumers.

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