Mar 3, 2023

I Want You To Live to 150… Here’s Why & How

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Call it naive, call it crazy, but I think we have a real chance to tackle aging in this century. And though it’s not easy — it’s very simple.

If you have seen the banner of this channel — it says it’s all. But in this video I go deeper into my personal story and motivation. This way I hope you can understand why I’m doing what I’m doing.

So pick your role and let’s work!
Worse case scenario — we’ll live for extra 20 healthy years. Best case… well, well we might stop or reverse aging all together.

Requirements to cure aging:

My longevity budget plan for the next several years: (immortality on a budget)

This channels is designed around the idea that we all have a good chance to live to and past 100 by doing these two things:
1) Small, 80/20 (easy, but smart) consistent lifestyle changes and.
2) Banding together to support each other and to cause ripple through scientific and political scene.
It’s a long journey, but the sooner we start it, the better our chances.

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