Feb 2, 2023

World’s First Space Plane Can Take Off From A Runway And Fly To Orbit

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This is the world’s first fully reusable spaceplane that can take off and land from a runway. Aerospace firm Radian Aerospace claim its spaceplane will completely transform travel both in space and around the world. The aircraft, named Radian One, will be a fully reusable, single stage to orbit vehicle that can be turned around and reflown within 48 hours. The firm has raised $27.5 million in seed funding but experts predict it will cost well over $1 billion to develop. Once in orbit, missions could range from once around the Earth, in about 90 minutes, to a full five day cruise. When returning to the Earth, wings allow it to land smoothly on any 10,000ft runway. This would allow it to land at most of the major UK airports. The firm says it will be able to carry out a wide range of functions once in space including taking people and light cargo to low Earth orbit.

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