Jan 18, 2023

The Insane Engineering behind the Joby S4

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Joby makes EVTOL vehicles intended for small trips like Austin to Houston. A year ago they were the first EVTOL company to complete a 150 mile all electric flight. Check out this video to see the engineering innvolved.

PCB boards, CNC machining, Sheet metal fabrication, Injection molding, and 3D printing ➡️

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In July of 2021, this aircraft achieved what many thought impossible with today’s battery technology. It completed the longest, all-electric, vertical takeoff and landing flight. The Joby S4 is the result of more than 13 years of engineering and innovation. Joby Aviation’s ambitious goal is to make affordable air travel between places like Houston and Austin, or Los Angeles and San Diego an everyday reality.
However, to be allowed to operate in urban areas, Joby had to develop an aircraft that is quieter than helicopters, as safe as commercial airliners, and cost-effective for mass adoption. More than 250 evtol companies worldwide are working to make Urban Air Mobility a reality, and Joby Aviation is the indisputable leader. In this video, I will explore the three key design elements that make the S4 technically impressive and unique. This is the engineering behind the Joby S4.

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00:00 Joby Aviation.
01:26 Joby S2 and S4
03:20 Joby Propeller Technology.
04:50 Noise mitigation System.
05:49 Tilt-Rotor Configuration.

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