Dec 26, 2022

Is AI Translation the Future of Video Games?

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In the midst of the Anti AI Art movement and the ever evolving complexity of the algorithms they are rallying against, this video essay discusses current flaws and future potential of AI Translation technology within Retro Game Emulation. Through rigorous testing of 3 games that never got localizations or fan translations (Tokimeki Memorial 2, Sakura Wars 2 & Boku No Natsuyasami 2), we will see how well Retroarch and ZTranslate’s AI Translator works for the average player. We will also discuss the ways in which this technology could one day be used in more formal localisations by professional teams, and wel will come to understand the nuances of the AI debate.

#AI #FanTranslation #Emulation.

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00:00 — Introduction.
02:09 — Short Interlude.
02:45 — The Monolingual Dilemma.
03:31 — The Arrival of a Solution.
05:40 — Over Analyzing Someone Else’s Tweet.
09:32 — Preparing the Test.
11:04 — Test 1: Tokimeki Memorial 2
17:23 — Test 2: Sakura Wars 2
23:13 — Test 3: Boku No Natsuyasami 2
30:29 — Dejection & Regret.
32:05 — What I Learnt.
37:26 — Outro / Special Thanks.

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