Dec 20, 2022

How an AI Stole $35 Million

Posted by in categories: cybercrime/malcode, media & arts, robotics/AI

Artificial Intelligence has seen many advances recently, with new technologies like deepfakes, deepvoice, and GPT3 completely changing how we see the world. These new technologies bring forth many obvious benefits for in workflow and entertainment, but when technology like this exists, there are those who will try and use it for evil. Today we will be taking a look at how AI is giving hackers and cyber criminals more ways to pull off heists focusing on the story of a $35 million dollar hack that was pulled off using artificial intelligence and deep voice software.

0:00 The History of Social Engineering.
1:12 Early Social Engineering Attacks.
5:02 How Hackers are using Artificial Intelligence.
7:37 The $35 Million Heist.

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