Dec 3, 2022

FDA approved a 1st-of-its-kind treatment made from human poop. What does it do?

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The only time might be willing to take shit off someone.

— Cancer patients weren’t responding to therapy. Then they got a poop transplant.

— The same exact foods affect each person’s gut bacteria differently.

But now, Rebyota is available as the first FDA-approved “fecal microbiota product.” In a late-stage clinical trial, the one-dose treatment reduced the rate of C. diff flare-ups by 29.4% in the eight weeks after antibiotic treatment, compared with a placebo, STAT reported. Taking two clinical trials of the treatment into account, the success rate of the treatment “was significantly higher in the Rebyota group (70.6%) than in the placebo group (57.5%),” the FDA noted.

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