Dec 5, 2022

Facebook Exec Says Metaverse Will Let you Betray Your Friends in VR

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POV: There’s a slight chill in the air, the leaves are changing, and you might just be wearing corduroy. You know what that means? Facebook-turned-Meta’s Connect conference is here. And boy, was Connect 2022’s prerecorded keynote presentation video a doozy.

The hour-and-a-half long clip was jam-packed with… well, a lot. There was a product reveal. There were finally legs, but only for executive avatars. There was — and we cannot stress this enough — more nodding blankly at a camera than we’ve probably ever seen in a single video. One particularly striking revelation, though? The promise that soon, the metaverse might be a space where we can all betray those closest to us. Finally!

“Calling all crewmates,” said Meta’s Developer Relations chief Melissa Brown, as she announced that the VR version of the beloved online game “Among Us” is officially open for pre-order through the Meta Quest Store. “Soon, you’ll be betraying friends from a first-person perspective.”

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