Dec 15, 2022

Dr Loren Matheson, PhD — Centre for Security Science, DRDC — Leading Canada’s Safety & Security R&D

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Leading Canada’s Bio-Safety & Security R&D — Dr. Loren Matheson PhD, Defence Research and Development Canada, Department of National Defence.

Dr. Loren Matheson, Ph.D. is a Portfolio Manager at the Center For Security Science, at Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC —, which is a special operating agency of the Department of National Defence, whose purpose is to provide the Canadian Armed Forces, other government departments, and public safety and national security communities with knowledge and technology.

With a focus on the chemical and biological sciences at DRDC, Dr. Matheson develops and leads safety and security R&D projects with government partners, industry and academia. In addition, she spearheaded an effort to establish a virtual symposium series, developed communications products to explain their program to national and international partners, and helped established a science communication position.

Dr. Matheson previously served as both a senior science advisor within the Office of the Chief Science Operating Officer, and National Manager, Plant Health Research and Strategies, at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

After 10 years consulting as a grants facilitator in clinical research, Dr. Matheson moved to the public service to pursue interests in science policy and security science.

Dr. Matheson holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa and spent her post-doctoral time at the University of Saskatchewan, working on cell and molecular biology, as well as at the Royal University Hospital Canadian Arthritis Network focusing on pediatric rheumatology.

Dr. Matheson is a 2022 Women in Defence and Security (WiDS) Emerging Leader ( for her exceptional work improving communications within DRDC’s Center for Security Science in her first year as a Defence Scientist.

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