Nov 29, 2022

This 3D Printed House Only Cost $13,000 In Materials

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Construction and 3D Printing. This is a really cool video. There is demand for affordable housing, and it can be built and rented out, or just lived in. Imagine if many people where you live are empowered with simple housing. Would it be a waste of money if it can pay for itself?

This is the cool company that makes these cool machines. The USA sent $1 billions in weapons to Ukraine in one month, to a war that costs $1 billion a month. Elon Musk just paid $44 billion for Twitter when a $50 billion investment in affordable housing could net him how much in rental income if the houses cost $15,000 in materials?

Mudbots demo house in their facility built to demonstrate the operation of the printer and installation of many parts which would also be included within a real home.

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