Sep 17, 2022

Where are all the personal robots we were promised?

Posted by in categories: genetics, robotics/AI, security

These 15 robots may demonstrate that the concept is viable.

Personal robots have been a common trope in sci-fi for many decades. Their apparent plausibility has made many sci-fi enthusiasts wonder when they may become a reality.

Some robots with personal robot-like features have been developed, but are they personal robots?

Would you like a robot to assist you in the house? Perhaps another for personal security? Well, you can’t help but notice that there appears to be a complete lack of them.


That being said, various personal robots already exist. However, most of these are far off the mark compared to the kind of personal robots we have been promised by various science fiction franchises like “Rosey” from “The Jetsons,” “Bubo” from “Clash of the Titans,” the robots in “I, Robot,” or genetically engineered “replicants” like those in “Bladerunner.”

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