Sep 20, 2022

Putting a New Spin on Laundromats

Posted by in categories: business, economics

The number of laundromats in Japan has doubled over the past 20 years. This episode shows how new takes on the traditional business model are offering more choices to consumers and helping their owners to draw in new customers. [In Focus: Skepticism Looms Over Indo-Pacific Partnership]The US wants countries in the Indo-Pacific to form a new economic partnership. Washington hopes it will promote growth in the region while helping it gain influence. But some say the effort is more bark than bite. [Global Trends: ‘White Gold’ Rush]Lithium-ion batteries are increasingly being used in all kinds of products. And that means big business for South America, which is sitting on an abundance of lithium. Big changes are now coming to the region as companies rush to extract its ‘white gold.’

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