Sep 24, 2022

JWST observes Earendel — the most distant star known — 12.8 billion ly away | Night Sky News Sep ‘22

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To find out whether you can see the partial solar eclipse on 25th October 2022 put in your location here:

To watch the next launch attempt for Artemis live at 6pm EST on Tuesday 27th September head to @NASA ‘s YouTube channel here:
To watch the DART mission impact live on Monday 26th September 2022 head to @NASA ‘s YouTube channel here:
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Welch et al. (2022; Earendel imaged with JWST — not peer reviewed) —
Welch et al. (2022; Earendel discovered with HST — behind pay wall) —
Carter et al. (2022; JWST direct image exoplanet HIP 65426b — not peer reviewed) —
El Baldry et al. (2022; a black hole orbiting a Sun-like star — not peer reviewed) —

PDRs4ALL project (that imaged the Orion nebula with JWST) —

00:00 — Introduction.
00:40 — Fireball meteor across Ireland & Scotland.
01:35 — Draconids & Orionids Meteor Shower.
03:05 — Mars, Jupiter & Saturn visible right now.
03:39 — Jupiter at Opposition 26th September.
04:27 — Partial Solar Eclipse 25th October 2022
06:13 — Artemis launch rescheduled.
07:08 — DART mission asteroid impact imminent.
07:48 — RIP Frank Drake 1930–2022
08:25 — JWST misinformation AGAIN
09:39 — JWST confirms Earendel is a star (or binary star system)
13:31 — JWST’s first direct image of an exoplanet HIP 65426b explained.
17:07 — JWST observes Orion nebula.
19:39 — New candidate for closest black hole (its orbiting a Sun-like star too!)
23:59 — Outro.
24:26 — MEL science.
26:17 — Bloopers.

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