Aug 4, 2021

New Shape Opens ‘Wormhole’ Between Numbers and Geometry

Posted by in categories: cosmology, mathematics

Mathematicians have proved that a geometric object called the Fargues-Fontaine curve can connect arithmetic and geometry. The work is a major advance in one of the most ambitious projects in mathematics.

The grandest project in mathematics has received a rare gift, in the form of a mammoth 350-page paper posted in February that will change the way researchers around the world investigate some of the field’s deepest questions. The work fashions a new geometric object that fulfills a bold, once fanciful dream about the relationship between geometry and numbers.

“This truly opens up a tremendous amount of possibilities. Their methods and constructions are so new they’re just waiting to be explored,” said Tasho Kaletha of the University of Michigan.

The work is a collaboration between Laurent Fargues of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu in Paris and Peter Scholze of the University of Bonn. It opens a new front in the long-running “Langlands program,” which seeks to link disparate branches of mathematics — like calculus and geometry — to answer some of the most fundamental questions about numbers.

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