Apr 3, 2021

Intel’s website records and tracks keystrokes, mouse clicks, and user cursor movement

Posted by in categories: cybercrime/malcode, law

Cybersecurity specialists report that Intel is facing a class action lawsuit for violating an anti–wiretapping law in the state of Florida, US. The plaintiffs argue that the company hid software on its website that allowed it to record users’ keystrokes and mouse movements without their express consent.

This is a new case of practice known as session replay, used by multiple companies to take detailed records of how their users interact with their websites, involving the capture of mouse movements, clicks and information queries on the page visited.

Under the lawsuit filed in Lake County Circuit Court, Florida, Intel is violating the state Communications Security Act, enacted in 2020 and which, among other things, prohibits companies from intentionally intercepting any electronic communication without consent.

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