Feb 11, 2017

Intel’s Quantum Computing

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More on Intel’s plans for a Quantum Neuromorphic chip to mimic the brain on QC. Should be interesting as they will be researching Quantum Biology/ Biosystem technology of the human brain to make this happen. And, will also be assessing cell electromagnetic spin, much of the other quantum mechanic properties of the brain. So, consider the race is on now for a Quantum Biosystem brain. And, the question now is which one will get there 1st and which type? DARPA’s Quantum Biosystem enhanced brain or one like Intel’s Quantum Neuromorphic chip mimicking the human brain?

Things are about to become very interesting for all.

A future beyond today’s PC technology is prepared by Intel’s research into quantum computing. (Photo : Strange Video Zone / YouTube)

As it prepares for the post-Moore’s Law era, the world’s largest chip company Intel, researches new paths toward designing computers of immense power by exploiting the quantum mechanics.

According to MIT Technology Review, chip maker Intel is involved in the race to build quantum computers that should offer immense processing power. Competitors Google, Microsoft and IBM are also developing quantum components different from the ones to be found in today’s computers. But what’s different in Intel’s approach is the fact that the chip maker company is trying to adapt the silicon transistor of existing computers for the task.

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