Nov 13, 2016

Quantum Computers and the End of Privacy #Infographic ~ Visualistan

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Luv the map; however, missing a lot of info. Namely, many decades and contributors. QC officially recorded to start in 1960 with Stephen Wiesner discovery of a cryptographic tool. And, even modern day QC such as a QC Net has been in existence since late 90s with Los Alamos.

Still nice colored map for a limited view of 2014, 2015, and current. However, I don’t see the ORNL, Oxford, U. of Sydney, China, USC, MIT, etc. breakthroughs most importantly the scalable Quantum, syn. diamonds contribution to enable stable QC and QC Net.

From law enforcement to criminals, governments to insurgents, and activists to Facebook dabblers, many people have come to rely on encryption to protect their digital information and keep their communications secure. But the current forms of encryption could be obsolete the moment anyone succeeds in building a quantum computer. A what! Read on about the brave new world awaiting us.

Quantum Computers and the End of Privacy

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