Aug 2, 2016

Big Data’s Role in 3D Printing

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Big Data and 3D.

3D printing remains one of those technological areas that holds a great amount of fascination. What began as a type of niche market has expanded rapidly in the past few years to encompass nearly every industry out there, from the medical field to manufacturing.

The outlook is a positive one in terms of 3D printing’s future, with Gartner predicting the amount of spending on 3D printers to exceed more than $13 billion in 2018. While 3D printing has always held a lot of promise, one of the factors truly taking the concept to the next level is big data.

In much the same way that big data has benefited businesses of all types and sizes, it has proven to play a pivotal role in the growth of 3D printing. As more organizations get a firm grasp on how best to use both big data analytics and 3D printing capabilities, the two areas will form a more established and interdependent relationship.

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