May 4, 2016

Guinness Record Set With 25 Continuous Hours in Virtual Reality

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The Guinness Book of World records, a record of the extraordinary (and often insane) stunts people will pull for notoriety, and now the book has its first virtual reality entry. Watch as Derek Westerman swaps reality for Tilt Brush inside the HTC Vive and stays there for 25 hours straight.

It’s a desire within most of us, to do something extraordinary in life. Most of us are content to achieve this by parent children, going bungee jumping or backpacking around Europe. But there are a group of people for whom only documented proof of their unique abilities or achievements is enough – they’re the record breakers, as documented since 1955 by the world famous Guinness World Records.

Derek Westerman from Super Deluxe, a YouTube collective dedicated to making “Funny and smart videos from funny and smart weirdos who are probably a lot like you”, now joins that dubious collective. As of April 7th, he holds the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous virtual reality session, and he did it all whilst immersed ‘in’ a single application over a 25 hour period.

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