Feb 28, 2016

Why I’m not worried about the LEAF hack or my garage break-in

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The person in the article is not very smart. 1st you never offer a tempting challenge to a hacker in public forum. I have known too many and followed to many since the 80’s. 2nd, house burgulars are not even close to the calibur of hackers.

I own a 2013 Nissan LEAF SV with telematics functions known as CARWINGS. CARWINGS connected to my car via an app also called NissanConnect EV that was hacked by Troy Hunt and came into to the news this week. Nissan issued two different statements about the hack and eventually shut off the app completely.

LEAF owners are concerned that because the app was easy to-hack with the LEAF’s VIN number that access could be used for malicious use.

The LEAF’s VIN number can be clearly seen through the windshield.

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