Jan 24, 2016

3 ways robots and AI will change the way you work

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Essentially, the jobs being replaced will give rise to new roles that people can take up.

“There are new classes of jobs that we haven’t thought of yet. Those who can curate and manage the full rich data lifecycle will be a new class of professional,” Shadbolt added.

Whether you like it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) and robots are going to be a big part of the future workforce.

Amid warnings about “killer robots” from the likes of Tesla boss Elon Musk and the way in which they could take over your job, businesses are bracing for changes to the workforce over the next few years.

In a report published Monday, the World Economic Forum estimated that up to 5.1 million jobs could be lost over the next five years in the 15 global leading economies from disruptive labor market changes such as robots and artificial intelligence.

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