Dec 4, 2014

Pocket-Sized 3D Printer to Fit Your Pocket and Budget

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Now on Indiegogo, the foldable Pocket3DPrinter is only in the conceptual stages. It hypothesizes the use of an FDM style extrusion technique, like you might see on a MakerBot or an Ultimaker, but, instead of heating up plastic filament, the project’s creator, Steven Middleton, proposes using a UV projecting LED light to harden curable resin onto the build platform. By doing so, Middleton believes that the 3D printer is made more portable, as there will be no need to wait for the extruder to heat up and cool down before printing. For even more portability, the machine would be battery powered and managed via Bluetooth through a smartphone app. Below are some of the Pocket3DPrinter’s possible specs:

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