May 6, 2014

The Outrageous Questions

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The May 2014 Scientific American article, “Super Symmetry, A Crisis in Physics”, got me thinking. If the proton mass is substantially greater that the sum of the masses of the quarks & gluons in the proton then there is an outrageous question regarding the Standard Model.

Before I attempt to answer that question we need to understand the concept of falsifiability.

The reason why I am qualified to ask this outrageous question is because I solved the physics of gravity modification, and falsifiability opens up more avenues for research, more questions and the finally the reasons for the outrageous question.


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  1. William Bliss says:

    For those who can’t read elementary physics or math…
    may explain why the “Laithwaite Effect” is just another fraud.

  2. WIlliam Bliss see previous posting

    And apparently your link has been removed by the original authors.