Mar 24, 2014

The Future of Scientific Management, Today!

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LIST OF UPDATES (MARCH 24 THROUGH MARCH 30/2014). By Mr. Andres Agostini at The Future of Scientific Management, Today! At


Smartphone app reads blood oxygen levels, forewarns of life-threatening pre-eclampsia…-eclampsia

Stanford lab launches new privacy-based social network

New type of ‘ultracold’ molecule ideal for quantum computing…-computing

Meet the ‘Most Connected Man’ in the World…dzeGFtNyJ9

Turning the CO2 we pump into the air into a valuable product sounds like a pretty good idea.

Ben Gurion University Wins Cyber Competition

The Agent in His Labyrinth…html?_r=0

Defense Contractor Pleads To Selling Secrets To Chinese Girlfriend…girlfriend

NSA’s Deployed Malware via Automated Tools to Enhance Spy Capabilities…-8178.html

Kremlin website hit by ‘powerful’ cyber attack…ber-attack

Spain Adopts the ‘Israel Model’ to Engineer a Biotech Resurgence…esurgence/

NASA aims to go to Europa on the cheap

Magnetic materials could make future computers 1,000 times more efficient…-efficient

A Self-Contained and Autonomous Soft Robotic Fish

Serpentine Style: The Physics of Flying Snakes…ng-snakes/

U.S. to Give Up Role in Internet Domain Names…=auto&_r=0

There’s More Than Just Qubits In Computing With Quantum Cats…ium=social

Can Management Get Us Out Of The Economic Mess It Has Created?…ign=buffer

Big Data Gives Us More To Argue About…ium=social

New smartphone app measures oxygen saturation for diagnostics.…en-levels/

Proton poised for launch of dual satellites

The art of science: Stunning, psychedelic images from Fabian Oefner

Stephen Wolfram Wants To Make Computer Language More Human…SOC&dom=tw

Ukraine crisis: Moscow rally opposes Crimea intervention

Billionaires With Big Ideas Are Privatizing American Science…iness&_r=0

“Living and Working in Space: Conducting Solar Observations from Skylab”

Hagel says crisis demands review of Russian engine

Ukrainian hackers claim they took down NATO websites ahead of secession vote…o-websites

Chinese Automakers Build Bridges to U.S. EV Market…ev-market/

Google exec confirms phone in the labs

Why the U.S. Military Is Into Bee Brain Surgery. Bees might hold the secret to a new kind of nighttime navigation.

The Best Advice Steve Ballmer Ever Got…r_got.html

From Chess Player to Barroom Brawler. There’s increasing evidence that Vladimir Putin is dangerously drunk on power — and reckless.…k_on_power

The days of tax-free digital content are numbered. States aim to boost revenue by slapping sales tax on more digital content…?link=sfmw

VW Expects To Sell Over 10 Million Vehicles This Year…ium=social

Pioneering 3D printing reshapes patient’s face in Wales…ign=buffer

Study: Women Who Can Do Math Still Don’t Get Hired…times&_r=0

Russian and Ukrainian troops in natural-gas pumping station standoff

NATO says its websites hit by cyber attacks…rit=992637

Seeking Their Fortune: The Career Path for Top Executives in Big Companies…companies/

Our brains deliberately make us forget things, to prevent insanity

Live Chat with World Bank Vice President for East Asia and Pacific on Climate Change…Asia_P_EXT

35 Entrepreneurs Making a Difference in the Arab World

This is what a job in the U.S.’s new manufacturing industry looks like…ooks-like/

U.S. Patients More Likely Than English Patients To Receive Life-Saving Surgery…ium=social

Obama national security aides meet to discuss Ukraine…33314.html

NATO computers attacked by hackers…um=twitter

Gravitational Waves: Einstein Was Right, Again, Maybe…SOC&dom=tw

The price of success. Some American law schools are paying many of their graduates’ salaries…ce-success

Why Cloud Browsers Are The Wave Of The Future…ium=social

Defining How a No-Holds-Barred Russia-Ukraine Cyberwar Would Play Out…lay-out-2/

Astrophysicists Plan To Announce A Major Discovery Tomorrow…z2wBbqEH5f

Culture Is The Engine Moving Your Business…-business/

How Many Species Inhabit the Earth?

Harvard students develop patch for chemotherapy delivery…ivery.aspx

NSA ‘hijacked’ criminal botnets to install spyware

A Surgical Procedure’s Risks, Unmentioned…=auto&_r=0

Why China Manipulates Its Currency

Bitcoin turmoil hasn’t turned off the VC investment tap…tment-tap/

Need A Cloud Resource for Science? TACC Serves Up Rodeo…s-up-rodeo

Thorium Powered Car Could Run 100 Years On Just 8 Grams of Fuel…ucm%2Edpuf

The Future of Brain Implants

Gravitational Waves: Einstein Was Right, Again, Maybe…gain-maybe

SpaceX Set to Launch the World’s First Reusable Booster…e-booster/

Drones Cleared for Takeoff. The FAA dreams of regulating drone use, but a wise federal judge has grounded that idea.…29582.html

Tokyo technology start-ups offer devices and gadgets

Canada Explores G.M. Link to Accidents…times&_r=0

Kasparov: ‘Carter looks like Churchill in comparison’ to Obama…-to-obama/

Crimea, it’s the most serious crisis in relations between the West and Russia since the Cold War. And until it’s over, risk aversion should remain the play of the day, analysts say.

Philippines: Inclusive growth can be enhanced through sustainable reconstruction and job creation – World Bank…Asia_P_EXT

The Absolute Break Between Life and Death Is an Illusion…n_illusion

The banking industry can benefit from big data…HM.twitter

Radioactive Fukushima Waters Arrive At West Coast Of America…f-america/

Crimea crisis: Europe must finally check the Putin doctrine…g-forbrig/

Russian government, central bank websites hacked…394813278/

New Study Shows That Common Pain Relievers Fight Bacterial Infections

A Lesson In Partnering Up For The Greater Good: Corporations Assist NGO In Employing The Homeless…ium=social

10 YouTube Videos That Prove Science Is Magic

More Screenings Put Dent in Colon Cancer…rss_Health

India remains the world’s biggest arms importer as purchases across the region rise…se/1280582

Big outsourcing firms find that escaping the crowd is not so easy…-elevators

Spring Cleaning Who Has Access to Your Data…your-data/

Navy Launches Plans on New Amphib Design…um=twitter

Putin’s pet journo: Russia could turn America into ‘radioactive dust’…/?mod=sfmw

China develops drone to freeze air pollution over cities.

Big data tackles tiny molecular machines.

New Rover to Take Up Hunt for Martian Life in 2020.

Predictive tech is getting smarter and more pervasive — but more controversial, too.…rsial-too/

The Internet of Things Means More Things to Hack.…g-dropdown

2020 vision: The future of Google Glass.…ss-1190832

Latest NASA Study Says Long-Term Warming Trend in Line with IPCC Projections.…gnificant/

Bionic plants: Nanotechnology could turn shrubbery into supercharged energy producers.

Why Robots Won’t Take Every Job in the World.

Want to build an immersive experience that shoppers will love? Learn more

Neuroscape Lab visualizes live brain functions using dramatic images.…tic-images

Are three-person designer babies ethical?

Could emotion detectors make driving safer?

Scientists Announce A Big-Bang Breakthrough.…um=twitter

Total Retail: Global survey of online shoppers.…dex.jhtml#

This Ingenious Touchscreen UI Should Be in Every Car.…every-car/

Intel CEO talks wearable tech, creativity and lunch on Reddit.…ml?ana=twt

Intel Survey: Americans Skeptical, Yet Hopeful, About Smart Cities.…rt-cities/

The Secret To Getting Rich And Changing The World Is To Have A Stupid Idea’…%20Morning

Why Altruism Will Be Crucial To The Rise Of A Driverless City.…rless-city

Intel’s Sharp-Eyed Social Scientist.…share&_r=0

How Many Americans Want to Live in Driverless City?…Lvd4A.html

Jetsons Age Beckons, But Opinion Split on Driverless Car, Drones.…nes-n27221

This robot will utterly destroy you at air hockey.

Robots, Data, and Experiences: A Glimpse Into the Future of Computing.…own#!10761

Watch the intricate dance of objects levitated by sound.…d-by-sound

Future technology is bright, says Intel guru Steve Brown.…2z4k0.html

Are Millennials Falling Out of Love With Technology?…echnology/

Obama Says U.S. And EU Will ‘Stand Firm’ With Ukraine.…oin-russia

What’s It Like to Pilot a Supersonic Fighter Aircraft?…craft.html

A Window on the Universe’s Distant Past and Future.…and-future

California’s Dreamin’ About Autonomous Car Regulations.…egulations

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba to float in US.…CMP=twt_gu

Russia, Now at War in Ukraine, is Between Reaction and Revolution.…evolution/

Einstein’s Gravitational Waves Discovered.…ium=social

Entrepreneurship Simulation: The Startup Game.

The Navy’s Plan to Beam Down Energy From Orbiting Solar Panels.

Big Bang echo: scientists find ‘signal from dawn of time’. Astronomers have detected the first evidence of gravitational ripples which were sent out in the first second of the Big Bang.…-time.html

Gravitational waves. If you could detect a bowling ball’s gravitational waves, you would know when someone threw the ball—even if you were standing outside the bowling alley.…onal-waves

Future Workforce.

Glaxo to Bring Doctors In-House as Educational Speakers.…eform.html

U.S. Lags as Commercial Drones Take Off.…e-off.aspx

How An LA Times Reporter Got An Algorithm To Write Articles For Him.

Facebook and TED Team Up to Bring Exclusive Content to ‘Paper’.…witterfeed

TURBINE, how NSA has plundered botnets to the cybercrime.…crime.html

New NASA Doomsday Scenario – Real or a Hoax?

The Internet of Everything: This is the Year!…97978285iy

An uncommon thread. Conductive fibres: From lighter aircraft to electric knickers, flexible filaments raise a wide range of interesting possibilities.…mon_thread

You Can Wear This Fabric Wi-Fi Antenna.

Graphene Could Give You Predator-Vision Contact Lenses One Day.…1545466030


Big Bang breakthrough announced; gravity waves detected.…?hpt=hp_t2

Bionic plants: Nanotechnology could turn shrubbery into supercharged energy producers.

Building a Space Infrastructure Starts with Gas Stations.

Top 10 Tech Predictions for 2015.…s-for-2015

The next generation of electronics is a press-on tattoo.

Drones will cause an upheaval of society like we haven’t seen in 700 years.…700-years/

Cybersecurity 2014: Beyond the NIST framework.

Chad Jenkins- The former FBI Counter-terrorism expert.

Ukraine: Ban ‘deeply concerned’ Crimea vote will worsen complex, tense situation

Cosmologists Finally Capture an Elusive Signal From the Beginning of Time.

Thanks To Bill Clinton, We Don’t Regulate The Internet Like A Public Utility.…ium=social

Firms that hire convicts to be eligible for federal loans.…eral-loans

First direct evidence of cosmic inflation. Telescope at the South Pole finds twists in microwave-light remnants from the Big Bang, showing evidence for inflation and gravitational waves

Nanoscale optical switch breaks miniaturization barrier…on-barrier

Android Wear: Here Comes the Future of Android Smartwatches…1546388688

Why is it green to grow a brick?

Watch how Virtual Reality is used to treat war veterans with Post-traumatic stress disorder…mpaign=pro



Toward ‘vanishing’ electronics and unlocking nanomaterials’ power potential

Artificial Antibody Company Exceeds Crowdfunding Goal.…ding-goal/

The Relationship Between Greenland and Sea Level Getting More Troubling.

Japan holds first broad cybersecurity drill, frets over Olympics risks.…O920140318

Largest, sturdiest self-assembling DNA cages built. Could be used to create miniscule factories that produce specialty chemicals or high-sensitivity photonic sensors that diagnose disease.

Nanobionic superplants. Nanotechnology + synthetic biology creates plants capable of supercharged energy production or as sensors for explosives.

Proliferation of tracking technology reaps security benefits, sparks privacy concerns.…technology

Tomorrow We Will Know More About the State of Our Future.

Harvesting Earth’s Infrared Energy Proposed by Harvard Physicists.…hysicists/

5 Tech Trends You’ll Hear About at SXSW 2015.…45;0807599

Stem cells inside sutures could improve healing in Achilles tendon injuries.

New cell line should accelerate embryonic stem cell research.

12 reasons robots could be the next trillion-dollar business opportunity.…portunity/

White House Launches Climate Data Website To Help People Prepare For Effects Of Global Warming.…014-19

Talking to the next generation.

3D Printing in the Home: 1 In 3 Americans Ready For 3D Printer.…d-printer/


SETI Scientists Predict Alien Life Discovery Within 25 Years.…-25-years/

State of Wyoming in Climate Change Denial.

Singapore scientists create stem cells from a drop of blood. DIY finger prick technique opens door for extensive stem cell banking…p-of-blood

Microplasma transistors for extreme environments, like nuclear reactors.…r-reactors

Fierce solar magnetic storm barely missed Earth in 2012. “Perfect storm” could have knocked out the electrical grid and disabled satellites and GPS, costing trillions worldwide…th-in-2012

Graphene superconducting property discovered. SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory see electrons dancing in superconducting material, setting a foundation for future explorations.

Introducing Project Morpheus.

Doping carbon-nanotube circuits for more reliable, faster, and power-efficient flexible devices.…le-devices

A stretchable antenna for wearable health monitoring.

NASA Doomsday Scenario Paper.

The Microbiome: Brave New World for Health Care — and Biotech.…e-biotech/

X Plane: One step closer to the next military breakthrough.…akthrough/

Border Security’s Turn Toward the High-Tech.…html?_r=0

Infrastructure maintenance takes largest piece of DHS IT spending pie.

Sharpening the Focus on Critical Infrastructure, Cybersecurity and Interdependencies.…cture.html

Thieves Dig 50 Foot Tunnel to Steal ATM.…l-atm.aspx

Be Open to Possibilities Around STEM, Google and Homeland Security Leaders Encourage Students at K-12 STEM Symposium.…symposium/

Companies Turn to Cyber Insurance as Hacker Threats Mount.…at-mounts/

Why Goldman Sachs is worried about Bank of America.

How to explode brain-cancer cells.

Anti-counterfeit patterns made from nanowires are ‘nearly impossible’ to replicate.…-replicate

Artificial Intelligence Gets Boost from Big Name Investors.

How The World Will Look In 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 Years Time.…ps04101rss

10 Technological Breakthroughs Of 2014 That Could Change The World.

Big Bang Discovery Opens Doors to the “Multiverse“…nce-space/

Google Has a Plan for Your Future.

Ground-improvement methods might protect against earthquakes.


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