Feb 9, 2014

The Future of Scientific Management, Today!

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FEBRUARY 10/2014 LIST OF UPDATES. By Mr. Andres Agostini at The Future of Scientific Management, Today! At
UPDATE 1-China central bank urges proper management of risk, liquidity…8720140208

Iran sending warships close to U.S. borders

Apple’s Tim Cook on Plans for Cash and Emerging Markets…interview/

World’s first 3D-printed titanium bicycle frame could lead to cheaper, lighter bikes…witterfeed

Ignore the Unemployment Rate. The most totemic statistic about the U.S. economy is archaic and misleading…ss_economy

Why Problems Are An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend…st-friend/

Gastric surgery increases risk of alcoholism…17066.html

Snowden nicked NSA docs with common tool, raising more concern about agency — report…cy-report/

Tribeca and CERN Want To Change Storytelling With A Hackathon…Company%29

3D Printed Hip Implant Allows Teen to Finally Walk

Many Promising Embryonic Stem Cell Therapies Ensnared In Legal Loophole…SOC&dom=tw

High Potential for Life Circling Alpha Centauri B, our Nearest Neighbor…z2smSuT6N4

Countervailing motion…-are-still

Toyota’s $1 Billion Fine Begs Question: Do We Really Want To Regulate This Way?…ium=social

Single-pole magnet emerges in frozen concoction

The 50 Most Powerful Women in Business: Global edition…ign=buffer

How To Win When You Fail

How the speed of technological change can be an opportunity

Welcome to the Multiverse…vcVIYWGiHd

Quantum Computing: A Primer

What the Singularity Will Mean at the Office…he-office/

Alvin deep-sea sub cleared to start next half-century of service

U.S. Experimented With Nuclear Fracking

Terrific: Iranian warships approaching U.S. maritime borders

How To Keep Your Team And Make Your Startup Acquisition Succeed…fb&ncid=fb

‘Minority Report’ technology is real and it’s here (and it’s cool)…it-s-cool#

Nanotechnology holds promise for security applications…plications

7 Ways To Be More Productive At Work

The Inevitable Collision Of Technology and Politics…-politics/

New Journal Article Sheds Light on Past Earth Warming Events…ng-events/

Why Steve Ballmer Left Microsoft Better Than He Found It…e_Found_It

11 Ways to Improve Your IT Team’s Productivity

Experts Warn of Russian Spying, Hackers at Sochi Olympics…i_Olympics

How to Get the Job You Want in 2014’s Hot IT Job Market…Job-Market

‘Natural cities’ emerge from location-based social media…ial-media/

MBAs by the Hour: Disrupting the Consulting Model…FIolQ.html

Gmail, Hangouts, and other Google services are back to normal after service outage (update)…-right-now

6 Attention-Grabbing Direct Mail Designs

Stanford Re:Think Roundup: Achieving Success in Business and Beyond…success-in

A robot in every home: Dyson enters race to provide ‘advanced household androids’ for all…17372.html

Hack a 3D Printer Into a Surprisingly Skilled Air Hockey Robot…1518317429

LAPD IT Chief: “Israel Has Some Amazing Tech”…azing-tech

Stanford scientists put free text-analysis tool on the web…s-tool-web

3 Ways to Test the Accuracy of Your Predictive Models…odels.html

Big Chinese Internet Companies Are Competing Head On Against Chinese Banks…2014-2

Experiment Is Crowdfunding Science Projects, Just Don’t Ask Them To Find Bigfoot…ium=social

Energy firms’ gas profit margins questioned by minister

How Micro-Location, Geofencing and Indoor Location Are Driving The Retail Revolution…evolution/

Climate change: Weather of Olympian extremes…CMP=twt_fd

FDA Panel to Weigh Painkillers’ Cardiac Risk…rss_Health

Silicon Valley Isn’t a Meritocracy. And It’s Dangerous to Hero-Worship Entrepreneurs…ople-back/

WIRED Space Photo of the Day…34261:full

This Is The Best Free Online Course For Entrepreneurs

The cost of capital is higher for entities that are not audited…f1404795=1

New Business Models Need New Approaches to IT

The 10 Weirdest Things Thieves Steal: 24/7 Wall St.…mg00000067

Why Is EnerNOC Funding a Solar Software Startup?…h+Media%29

Yelp And Yahoo Are Reportedly Teaming Up

Does grass-fed beef have any heart-health benefits that other types of beef don’t?…Q-20058059

Starwatch: Supernova in Ursa Major…CMP=twt_fd

Warren Buffett Made A Bet In 2008 That Has The Potential To Make The Hedge Fund Industry Look Very Bad

Victorian fires: emergency continues after at least 20 homes lost — live updates…CMP=twt_fd

Climate slowdown? Just wait until the wind changes…anges.html

NASA is now accepting applications from companies that want to mine the moon…n-catalyst

Entering the Era of Private and Semi-Anonymous Apps…blogs&_r=0

Three rules for success: Michael Raynor at TEDxUniversity

QUOTATION(S): “…It reminds us that, in our accelerating, headlong era, the future presses so close upon us that those who ignore it inhabit not the present but the past …” AND “…The future is not a privilege but a perpetual conquest…”

CITATION(S): “…The world has profoundly changed … The challenges and complexity we face in our personal lives and relationships, in our families, in our professional lives, and in our organizations are of a different order of magnitude. In fact, many mark 1989 ─ the year we witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall ─ as the beginning of the Information Age, the birth of a new reality, a sea change of incredible significance ─ truly a new era ─ Being effective as individuals and organizations is no longer merely an option ─ survival in today’s world requires it. But in order to thrive, innovate, excel, and lead in what Covey calls the new Knowledge Worker Age, we must build on and move beyond effectiveness [long-held assumptions, fallacies and flawed beliefs and faulty conventions]…Accessing the higher levels of human genius and motivation in today’s new reality REQUIRES A SEA CHANGE IN THINKING: a new mind-set, a new skill-set, a new tool-set ─ in short, a whole new habit…”

BOOK(S): The Resilient Enterprise: Overcoming Vulnerability for Competitive Advantage by Yossi Sheffi. ISBN-13: 978–0262693493


Mr. Andres Agostini
Risk-Management Futurist
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