Jan 27, 2012

Did Nature Put a Chain Trap to Humanity? (and other Writings)

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[Disclaimer: This contribution does not reflect the views of the Lifeboat Foundation as with the scientific community in general, but individual sentiment — Web Admin]

If one of the following three elements can be defused, the black-hole danger is over:

# 1: Black holes possess radically new properties in general relativity that make them both much more likely to arise and undetectable at CERN.

# 2: A new chaotic attractor (rotation-symmetric Shil’nikov-Kleiner attractor) exists in real space which implies exponential growth of black holes inside matter.

# 3: The presumed safety guarantee provided by neutron stars’ persistence is disproved by quantum mechanics.

Three different fundamental sciences (general relativity, chaos theory, quantum mechanics) are needed jointly to help humanity evade nature’s trap. Very few scientists are up to the combined task. Is this our death sentence?

“A Beacon for the World”

Dear Mr. President Obama: Thank you for the “Time” interview given 8 days ago. Could you, therefore, request a public answer from scientists: “Is the offered proof that Geneva is planting a miniature but exponentially growing bomb into our planet flawed: Yes or No?” The planet will not forget your kindness if you do. Thank you that I was allowed to ask. Otto E. Rossler, chaos researcher at the University of Tübingen, Germany.

Is there a Single Head of State who Is Able to Think?

♥ Kim Jong Un dared not reply – just as Saddam Hussein did not reply when I offered him Lampsacus hometown of all persons on the Internet.

♥ Ahmadinejad I never wrote. But someone is bound to have told him about CERN’s lying to the planet about its assault on everyone and every child.

♥ Peres was the first politician whom I informed in 2007, Sarkozy the second, the pope the third.

♥ Now they are planning a war on deck while there is time bomb in the ship. No one is able to think as a captain.

Buddha said “The house is burning but no one is thinking to leave.”
Jesus said “Who has ears to hear should hear.”
The angel said “The Lord can always be seen – haShem yera’eh.”
Mohamed said “You are in the fragrance of the flower.”
They all said “Think for a moment, my dear child.”
Hewlett-Packard agrees: “Thinking helps.”

W H Y N O T C H E C K O N C E R N ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Germany Has Laws Allowing to Dishonorably Discharge Retroactively for 5 Years University Professors and take away their pension after 25 years of rewarded excellent service – for the “crime” of refusing to accept an out-of-field change of their medical (e.g.) professorship. Since the world does not know about the servility of the German elite – no one protested –, it cannot put into perspective the fact that all German-paid relativists support the German-led CERN in its lie that it were not doing everything in its might to launch planet earth onto the exponential Blandford cascade of black-hole growth – the only exponential growth law in nature known to cover 60 orders of magnitude. But CERN refuses even to quote the pertinent scientific publication for almost 4 years – German servilitude in matters of mass murder, revived?

China drove my friend Guangjun Mao into suicide for not being servile enough to its own university laws. Germany analogously killed my friend Peter Sadowski. But China is known for not having reached a high standard in human rights as of yet promising to climb up, while Germany dares criticize China for its lagging behind.

Germany’s hypocritical obedience laws are the real cause of the second and possibly last German mega crime. Mrs. Chancellor is called upon to explain the cover-up.

“Time” Has Lost the Privilege to Bear Its Name

No prominent journalist on the planet is able to see that when a Nobel prize candidate backed by a court begs to be proven wrong with his warning that CERN produces a slow earth bomb, this might be worth investigating to the point of insisting on an official answer from the very specialists who clamor behind the scene not to be asked.

Is There Really no Reasonable Person with Influence on the Planet who Wants to Know whether the Given Proof of Danger can be Refuted or Not?

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