Dec 9, 2011

The Accepted Black-Hole Theory Is Dismally at Fault

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There is a vast canonical literature on the properties of the surface (“horizon”) of black holes: Even up to giving quantitative estimates of the horizon’s viscosity!

The correct theory by contrast implies since 1916 that the horizon is inaccessible in finite outer time and therefore does not exist in a finite-duration universe. Many consequences follow from this forgotten fact — including non-existence of “Hawking radiation” and non-existence of charged black holes. (The latter result is detailed in my gothic-R paper in print and the simpler Telemach paper on the Internet.)

The hoped-for miniature (almost-) black holes therefore possess four new properties, being (1) generated more easily than expected, (2) undetectable by CERN’s detectors, (3) virtually frictionless at first, and (4) growing exponentially inside earth. Hence the scientific “safety conference,” publicly called-for 4 years ago and openly requested by the Cologne Administrative Court almost one year ago, is more vital than ever.

The historic refusal by CERN to dismantle the danger before starting its black-hole factory, almost a year ago, represents a breach of scientific ethics, reason and morality. I speak in the name of the young majority on the planet when I say that the refusal by CERN to defend itself against the public reproach of scientific and moral wrongdoing when risking the short-term persistence of planet earth, amounts to a first-order historical phenomenon. Dear humanists and historians: please, enter the debate or launch it at long last. Crime stories are a treat to read. This surely is the biggest treat of history – being not over on finishing reading since the intrinsic time constant is several years. All other human concerns pale by comparison.

Why do the young scientists of the planet keep silent as if not believing that they are called upon? My young friends, please, do wake up. Rise up, “indignez-vous!” for you are – or else were – the future. Enter the ship of science as the good pirates by supporting the call for a “safety conference” on the new-versus-old properties of black holes. Nothing else is or was ever requested from CERN. The already incurred danger to the planet is presently in the low-percentage range: it must not be allowed to rise further by letting CERN continue without safety conference as planned.

P.S. I take back everything if anyone succeeds in refuting my disproof of Hawking radiation.


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  1. VirgilSamms says:

    Disproof of Hawking radiation?
    You are a fruitcake. Why do you keep posting this garbage on a serious website concerned with safeguarding the human race? Why don’t you start your own website then the thousands of people who are so interested in what you have to say can comment more freely without us dismally unintelligent creatures mocking your superior intellect?
    Take a hint, will ya?

  2. It feels good to be a fruitcake if people do not refuse to eat it.
    It is nice that you try to defend Hawking. Please, start if you can.

  3. VirgilSamms says:

    This is not the place for that kind of discussion; arcane physics are meaningless to the 99 percent of the population that is without knowledge of higher mathematics.
    Just go away. Please. Or write about something besides this cern baloney.

  4. Otto E. Rossler says:

    You try to cop out.

    Who is able to defend Hawking radiation before the world? Please, dare out yourself, you thousands of scientists ready to shed your blood for it.

    Unlike you (I hope not) I have a very high opinion of Professor Hawking. He would defend himself if his strength permitted. So do act like a friend. He would not be afraid to use simple language himself.

  5. Anti-Crackpot says:

    Please, folks, don’t start another argument with Rustler. This whole thing was dying out, and posts were collecting few or no comments, and Rustler was sinking into well deserved obscurity, until another person started arguing with him, attracting more attention.

    In other words, playing right into his hands. He is doing better here than he was on Achtphasen before he got kicked off, because of his critics.

    You just can’t win with Auto Rustler, since Auto Rustler is always right…just like my old girlfriend Lisa, who you couldn’t argue with because she was always right. I finally gave up, and dumped her, since I just couldn’t win. It was a loss since she looked a lot like Sharon Stone, but she was kind of an airhead, and I wound up marrying someone a whole lot smarter.

    Now people will keep contradicting Rossler’s obvious nonsense, and Billy Bob Houston will keep generating his endless stream of non-sequiturs from his mom’s basement, and the whole sorry cycle will start again.

    You have been warned.

  6. Niccolò Tottoli says:

    Dear all
    The safety issue remains very important because the LHC does not yet collide at maximum energy. Stronger colliders are planned, for example the “very large hadron collider” (VLHC) or the “super LHC” (SLHC). Take a look at wikipedia.
    Thank you.
    Best regards to all.

  7. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Psychology, the only weapon of DESY-paid physicists?

    No one appears able to defend poor Hawking (who still sees the larger dimensions but cannot believe that minor early errors of his could have so many consequences).

  8. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Thank you, Mr. Tottoli.

  9. VirgilSamms says:


    Sorry, I did’nt know. I will comment no more.

  10. Anti-Crackpot says:

    Arguing with cranks only eggs them on. It’s how they generate publicity — their critics are the most potent weapon in their arsenals. Ignore them and they will go away.

  11. Robert Houston says:

    A-C, how do you know that I write from my Mom’s basement? Are you receiving private details from CERN’s worldwide spy web?.

    V.S., when you asked Dr. Rossler to “write about something besides this cern baloney,” do you mean that what CERN is saying is baloney? Or do you mean that it’s baloney to suggest that there could be any danger from colliders? If so, why is such a discussion taboo to you, when a number scientists have written that there are such dangers?

  12. Niccolò Tottoli says:

    Here is an independent collection of documents (pro- and anti-CERN):

  13. Niccolò Tottoli says:

    It is remarkable that “Hawking radiation” is not anymore on the public safety site of CERN:
    CERN tells that neutrinos would be faster than light so perhaps “Neutrino radiation” will become CERNs brandnew safety argument in respect to micro black holes ? But do not worry because they are risking the theory of relativity and most of CERNs LSAG report is based on it…
    But now to the other questions again. Best regards to all.

  14. Otto E. Rossler says:

    The first timeI heard of Lifeboat was when Hawking had joined it — he wrote a book for his grandson in its spirit.

    It would be such a grace if he cared to return to enlighten us.

  15. multi says:

    CERN will open a gate to the Slipstream, where all alternate and parallel universes can be accessed. The sky is full of infinite duplicates of us all, and the Slipstream is where we all are.

    There are infinite copies of you and me, and Black Holes are key to reaching your other selves. CERN making a Black Hole / Heavens Gate will be the best thing that ever happend to humankinds.

    Hell’s Gate Away Team Member


  16. W. Kilgore says:

    “Robert Houston on December 9, 2011 9:37 pm
    A-C, how do you know that I write from my Mom’s basement? Are you receiving private details from CERN’s worldwide spy web? ”

    This may explain your serious self inflicted eye injury.

  17. Hansel says:

    They see you, Houston.

  18. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Dear Ms. Murakami, thank you for your most interesting and future-oriented scientific quotations.