Dec 1, 2011

CERN Is a Religious Problem

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How can I convince my fellow planetary citizens that religion is the last hope? All religions are benevolent in their non-combative statements. They focus on the miracle of the Now with its infinite opportunities and the sub-miracles of color and other pleasures all provably non-existent in science. For science is the science of the Hades, the shadow world where to be the king is less than to be a slave on the surface of the earth, as Priamus said.

Science can be misused as the atomic bomb illustrates. Science is not science any more if it is lying. Religion says that the Now is a gift and that consciousness is a gentle stroke by the dream-giving instance who waits to be recognized through the fabric of the dream.

Imagine being chosen and being allowed to answer. Young children understand this best. They are the greatest mystics. They still respond to the smile which they recognized as containing the essence. So they invented the suspicion of benevolence being shown towards them, which turned them into persons. The biggest majesties.

How does CERN fit in? Never were there more scientists united in trying to unravel mysteries of the ultra-small. This is an almost religious legacy. It is bound to contribute to future benefit for all. Being so privileged, CERN is not allowed to lie. But this sounds like harsh criticism which never helps as such. Religion says “try to convince and move the heart.”

I can understand that the finding of scientific results which when remaining un-falsified imply that CERN’s activities carry an up to 1 percent risk so far of evaporating the planet in a few years’ time, represents a reason for silent anger on the part of CERN. That the Cologne Administrative Court called for a “safety conference” is especially unsettling. I can understand the fact that the media do not report.

After all, a minority of a few people has not the right to ask for the ear of the planet. So not even if this small minority was hired to sit in the crow’s nest of the Titanic. For this is a religious problem: we all believe in CERN. So we have no right to remind them of their duties. Unless there were a single saintly figure on the planet who believes me that I care when I say “CERN is a religious problem.”


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  1. Robert Houston says:

    “For this is a religious problem: we all believe in CERN.”

    If so, we have a misplaced faith in a human organization that serves the false idol of a giant Machine. The beliefs of the CERN community are warped into whatever is perceived to enable the unrestricted operation of their mechanical idol. It is not truth or wisdom that they espouse, but rather, reassurance and sophistry for PR purposes, so as to enable the continued funding and operation of the Machine they worship.

    Like mischievous, inquisitive children, they in effect are lighting matches to the drapes of their planetary home just to see what happens, all with the naive trust that Nature is benevolent and that the Parent has ensured that all materials are fire-retardant. No matter their age or degrees, those with such naive trust that all is safe are no better than foolish brats who need adult supervision, lest they incinerate their house — or the world.

  2. Otto E. Rossler says:

    In Time Magazine, there is an article today which says that disallowing big banks by law would solve the economic crisis because smaller enterprises are more diligent in the face of risk. I had not known before about this “law.”

    Is this the whole explanation: A mass psychological phenomenon stands behind the attempted planetary suicide?