Oct 7, 2011

I Repeat My Call for Help to the Three Young Nobelists

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My rehabilitation of Fritz Zwicky’s “dynamical friction” as an explanation of the Hubble redshift law (…amp;ref=no ) only increases the importance of the new Perlmutter-Schmidt-Riess redshift law.

What is changed is only the interpretation: from “lower expansion rate at that early time” towards “lower mass density at that high distance.”

In case you accept this alternative interpretation of your own revolutionary finding as a possibility worth giving the benefit of the doubt, you thereby greatly help CERN accept the scientific safety conference made necessary by another result from our group. The latter states that the famous gravitational clock slowdown is accompanied by a matching change in size, mass and charge. Professor Richard J. Cook of the Air Force Academy independently found the first two points and supports the third.

I apologize for the publicity and urgency. It is because CERN is during the remaining weeks of this month doubling the total luminosity of its experiment so that the implied risk to the planet’s getting evaporated in a few years’ time is going to reach a sizable value within a few weeks.

The public at large has forgotten that revolutionary results have inconspicuous origins. Your endorsement of the possibility-in-principle that this uncontested result deserve the benefit of the doubt will make all the difference of the world. Forgive me that I turn to you while asking Sweden’s king to kindly help in the communication since only days remain.


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  1. I sent the following message to His Majesty, King Carl XVI Gustaf

    Your Majesty:

    The three new young nobel physicsists may need your help:…-nobelists

    I retreat going backwards, hoping for your help,

    Sincerely yours,
    Otto E. Rossler
    University of Tubingen, Germany

  2. PassingByAgain says:

    And how did His Majesty reply?

  3. The world is waiting with anticipation.

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  5. AnthonyL says:

    Professor, if a safety conference was held at your request, and CERN has to admit that indeed there was an error in its thinking, and the LHC had to be wound down at least temporarily, and further work confirmed that indeed we had been running a risk of 8% or more that the world would have ended, it would seem to me to be quite reasonable to expect your name to be placed under consideration for the Nobel Peace Prize, and this prize then almost certainly awarded to you.

    By the way, the blog states 4 Comments above this one and there are only three.

  6. AnthonyL says:

    Wait, no, there are 5 now. Please disregard.