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Paul McGlothin

Paul McGlothin is executive director of The CR Way Longevity Center. He started studying chemistry at age 9, having a small lab beside his father’s who was an outstanding clinical researcher in pharmacology. Paul’s avid work with his dad through high-school and college chemistry books was augmented by visits to the chemistry laboratories at the University of Tennessee.
Simultaneous with his interest in chemistry was his love for classical music, especially performing the clarinet repertoire. His enthusiasm and talent led to scholarships at, among other educational opportunities, Interlochen Arts Academy, Oberlin Conservatory, Tanglewood Music Center — as well as principal clarinet positions in symphony orchestras at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. The challenge of performing at full potential motivated Paul to use his background in science and research to understand how diet and lifestyle could contribute to peak performance.
Paul’s interest in science, diet, and lifestyle leapt forward when Paul’s doctor introduced him to calorie restriction as a way of raising his level of health and possibly achieving significant life extension. Soon Paul and his wife, Meredith Averill who chairs the CR Society’s board of directors, assembled a team of doctors to help them sort out fact from fiction, testing clinical outcomes of their calorie-restricted diet.
To help better understand what to expect from human calorie restriction, Paul and Meredith collaborated with MetaMetrix Clinical Laboratory in Atlanta to create the first study of long-term calorie restriction in humans. Subsequently, they helped assemble the human cohort for studies with Drs. Luigi Fontana and John Holloszy and their colleagues at the Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine, which has grown into the first longitudinal study of the effects of human calorie restrictors who have been limiting calories with a focus on optimal nutrition. In addition to contributions to project planning, both Paul and Meredith participate as study subjects.
During this period Paul also worked with a variety of labs on multiple projects, including testing the beneficial effects of maintaining low circulating blood glucose, studying the effect on the lipid profile of taking in various fats, and creating a pilot study on Resveratrol that was reported at the 2004 CR Society Conference. Paul’s outstanding work in testing and reporting CR results and helping create calorie restriction research projects led to his being named Research VP of the CR Society Intl., where he works with scientists to plan studies and also serves on the Society’s board of directors.
In 2009, Paul and Meredith were asked to help plan and create, a human CR research project — CRONA (Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition and Aging): A Milestone Study To Look at the Genetic Effects of CR in a Human Cohort of Long-Term CR — including world famous researchers in each of several related fields:

  1. Elizabeth Blackburn, (Biophysics and Biochemistry, UCSF)
  2. Anne Brunet (Dept of Genetics, Stanford)
  3. Elissa Epel (Psychiatry, UCSF)
  4. Pankaj Kapahi (Buck Institute for Age Research)
  5. Cynthia Kenyon, (Biophysics and Biochemistry, UCSF)
  6. Jue Lin (Biochemistry & Biophysics, UCSF)
  7. Eric Verdin (Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology and UCSF)
All through his 18 years of CR practice, Paul has enjoyed extraordinary physical and mental health as demonstrated by his energy and how great he feels, as well as by his lab results. With his wife, Meredith Averill, he coauthored the Amazon best-seller, The CR Way: Using the Secrets of Calorie Restriction for a Longer, Healthier Life, published in 2008 by HarperCollins and launched on Barbara Walters’ longevity special, “Living to Be 150: Can You Do It?” In 2009, they co-created a new CR communication medium, The CR Way to Happy Dieting, an online resource that integrates film, podcasts, and flash technology to serve as a quick-start guide for anyone who wants to practice CR and to members of Sharing the CR Way™ is his passion.
Realizing that CR Way followers needed advanced dietary software to gain the most from their lifestyle, Paul and Meredith collaborated with Ed Prestwood of NutriBase to create NutriBase CR Way Edition software.
Paul has been featured on the BBC, Good Morning America, Today, FoxNews, NBC Nightly News, ABC News, 20/20, CBS News The Early Show, 60 Minutes, The BBC, NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Corp.), German public television, Australian 60 Minutes, as well as in New York magazine, Fortune, and other publications. Radio appearances are too numerous to list.
Paul and Meredith are a bridge: translating the research into application. The CR Way “diet” is based on decades of research, e.g., at the National Institute on Aging, Harvard University, Washington University, and their own testing. They welcome all to join them. In fact, they have just opened The CR Way Longevity Center in Westchester County, NY, the first bricks and mortar location that CR practitioners can call their own.
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