Advisory Board

J.R. Willett

J.R. Willett is a software developer at Cozi.
In 2012 he released The Second Bitcoin Whitepaper which describes how to store and trade investments such as oil, gold, stocks, and government currencies using only the bitcoin block chain. J.R. is now involved with as they implement features very similar to what he described in his paper. He also created a presentation for less technical people describing the future of bitcoin called Using Memes to Explain Bitcoin. He was invited to be an expert panelist talking about “Bitcoin in the Future” at the 2013 Bitcoin Conference in San Jose.
J.R. is very concerned about how the rise of distributed currencies such as bitcoin could create massive social upheaval due to governments’ rapidly degrading capability to fulfill their core functions of taxation and regulation of commerce. The end result could be extremely painful for common citizens due to previously unimaginable wealth disparities, hyperinflation of previously stable government-backed fiat currencies, and a greatly empowered criminal class.
J.R. has been coding for fun since 1990 and professionally since 1999. He is currently employed as a software developer with Cozi in Seattle, Washington where he spends most of his free time offline, nurturing relationships with God, his beautiful wife, and three small children. He earned his BS in Computer Science at Seattle Pacific University in 2002.
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