Advisory Board

Genevieve Klien

Genevieve Klien is Social Media Expert at the Lifeboat Foundation.
Genevieve is here to share her insight, vision, inspiration, and hope for a better world. She has a strong background of working with diverse groups and communities. She raises awareness for the Lifeboat Foundation and her social media focus is blog posts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.
Her interests include AI, space, bettering the environment, helping children, helping communities, technology, transhumanism, physics, computers, virtual reality, robots, engineering, aerospace, cybersecurity, counterterrorism, making a healthier society, expanding consciousness, spiritual and intellectual development, meditation, yoga, nanotechnology, personal development, biotechnology, genetics, networking, and loves to expand her knowledge in general.
Genevieve was a Navy brat who lived in hundreds of locations and therefore likes to learn something new each and every day. She was an executive assistant at a law firm for five years. She pronounces her name JE-nuh-VEEV KLY-n and has dedicated her life to “Safeguarding Humanity”.
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