Advisory Board

Aaron Balogun, M.A.

Aaron Balogun, M.A. is a Social Entrepreneur who is Account Manager at Capitol Advantage and Director of Operations at Flanagan Consulting, LLC.
Aaron is doing what he can to help eradicate Poverty, Hunger and Disease at home and abroad. His specialities are Campaign Finance Compliance; Financial Auditing; Software Programming; Innovation Strategies; Fundraising; International Business Negotiations and Solicitations; Project Management; Marketing, and Advertising.
He says:

It is my belief that our current policy on patents force innovation players into a Cournot duopoly style game. It does this by limiting access to breakthrough information that could greatly advance research in the sciences, and by creating a destructive “patent holder” vs “the rest” universe.
We need a policy that 1) will encourage researchers to cooperate 2) will help firms maximize profit and social welfare 3) will ease entry into research, thereby, shifting price towards marginal cost and 4) also increase the efficiency and development of research breakthroughs.
How can I (and you) help encourage a creative commons type environment for innovation? Perhaps, a futures/option market?

Aaron earned his B.A. in International Economics at University of Maryland College Park and his M.A. in Public Policy at University of Maryland College Park.