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Oliver Starr

Oliver Starr is a serial entrepreneur with experience in technology, wireless and fiber optic telecommunications, mass distribution, e-commerce, biotechnology and alternative medicine. He is Executive in Residence at Angel Strategies, a Venture Capital Fund managing over $300M in assets. He’s the Senior Vice President of Business Development as well as the Chief Mobility Officer and Corporate Blogger for the Foldera Corporation. Foldera is a Web 2.0 company that allows individuals as well as businesses of all sizes to experience an unparalleled level of efficiency in the organization of projects and activities as well as a new degree of freedom and flexibility to collaborate, organize groups and utilize all digital technology more effectively.
A former professional road and world cup mountain bike racer and lifetime advocate of extreme sports, he has been a technology addict since using his first computer in 1976. In addition to his sports and entrepreneurial ventures, he has provided consulting services to a wide range of companies including Danone, TwinLab, Luxul, NuBanc, I2Net, TDK, Chrysos Financial, and others.
Prior to MobileCrunch, Oliver was the author of The Mobile Technology Weblog which he grew from 250,000 hits per month to over 650,000 hits per month with 2.5 million unique visits through the end of 2005. In addition, he has been contributing articles to publishers on and offline for almost 2 decades. His work has appeared in scientific journals, health magazines, sport-specific publications, and much to his chagrin, been widely stolen, and even plagiarized all over the World Wide Web.
His constantly mobile lifestyle (at one point he logged over 220 days away from home on the professional cycling tour) coupled with his prolific writing and love of technology make him a natural candidate to become the leading evangelist for Mobile 2.0.
As Oliver says, “I’ve always been an early adopter and sincerely believe that the mobile/smartphone will ultimately become the remote control for one’s life. I’m passionate about the technology and the market itself; hopefully this love will translate itself into news and ideas that will inform, inspire, and captivate.”
Over the past ten years, he has been the driving force behind a number of successful start-ups including a Venture Capital backed medical database company (acquired May 2000), an Angel-Funded distribution business that he grew from 0 to 30,000 accounts in less than 2 years (sold in July of `05) and a privately funded telecommunications management company, Hello! Inc., for which he is still Chief Technology Officer.
Previously, Oliver was Senior Sales Engineer and COO for Backbone Communications, a boutique Los Angeles based IMS Connectivity provider, specializing in corporate video-conferencing solutions over MPLS VPN. During his tenure at BBCOM, He was intensely involved in what has evolved into the “triple play”. He says, “At the time, what we were trying to do was so new, so novel there really wasn`t a name for it. We called it IP Convergence, which for me has now mutated into a continuing pursuit of ever better wireless connectivity.” An avid user of smartphones and other connected devices, about the only place you`ll find him “unwired” is while surfing and if they made a connected device that he couldn’t drown, he’d probably buy that too!
Currently, he resides in the heart of “Dogtown” aka Venice, California; however he travels frequently to many areas of the country, and in the winter, the North Shore of Hawaii. Always up for new challenges and learning about new technologies, He is interested in technology or science oriented writing, research, development or marketing projects anywhere in the world.
Oliver says he intends to break new ground with MobileCrunch. “The time to begin seeing mobile data as a real extension of the Internet has arrived. We need to start thinking about mobile data and mobile devices in a new way commensurate with their increased power, the ubiquity of high speed connections, the vast number of new applications, and the speed at which this medium is now developing. After nearly a decade of stagnation, we’re truly at the threshold of an entirely new mobile experience: Mobile 2.0. I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I do”.
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