Advisory Board

Jimmé Peters, MBA

Jimmé Peters, MBA is Founder of 24/7 Consulting, with offices in Las Vegas and Portland.
As the leader of 24/7, with offices in Las Vegas and Portland, Jimmé thrives on the dynamics of counseling high tech companies.
Jimmé started her public relations career with Oscar Mayer in the mid-eighties promoting their community and charity events. She then transferred over to hospitality in promoting travel and tourism on the Oregon Coast and worked with sportswear companies in golf-related activities. After completing her mission in consumer public relations, she transitioned into technology and found the ever-changing dynamics and fast pace to be her niche.
Living in Asia working on a contract with Samsung then put Jimmé back in the US in an agency setting. After earning her stripes, she began her own agency, 24/7 Consulting. Working with clients domestically and internationally, she has successfully developed large and small PR and marketing strategies for high tech companies. In addition, she is a strong problem solver with crisis management and damage control background that allows her to defuse difficult situations. She prides herself on creativity and development of unique marketing ideas to differentiate her clients from the competition.
From hardware to software, Jimmé has developed strong relationships with analysts, trade, verticals, and business press along the way and continues to nurture them as she leverages opportunities for clients.
Jimmé has BS degrees in marketing and management from the University of Oregon and Portland State University, an MBA from Ellis College at NYIT, and postgraduate work from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and Stanford.
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