Advisory Board

Bob Freeman, M.A.

Bob Freeman, M.A. is Owner of BtB Software and he runs H2LifeShip, which proposes to use hydrogen balloons for lift and a small H2+O2 rocket to carry cargo into a low space orbit. He is also webmaster of, California Association of Public Health Laboratory Directors.
BtB Software creates Public Health Laboratory Software (LIMS). Their LIMs includes Clinical, Rabies, and Environmental (Coliforms, Chemistry, BioThreat, ChemThreat, Food (FBDO) and Dairy) testing. Their Mycobacteriology module contains Smear/culture, Probes, Drug Susceptibility (multiple labs) and an integrated client test history (Web, local networked system or SaaS ). Billing-Accounts/Receivable, and Statistics & Searches using HL7/XML and ANSI837 (billing) standards are included.
Bob earned his M.A. in Biology at Humboldt State University in 1976.
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