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Jeremy Lichtman

Jeremy Lichtman is CEO at Lichtman Consulting, Software Developer at Myplanet Digital, and Forecaster at Good Judgment Project. He also authored Eponymous Plot Device: A Collection of Short Science Fiction Stories and Alien Puzzle Boxes: Twenty short science fiction stories.
Lichtman Consulting builds large, highly scalable websites and web applications on a white label basis. They work with both startups and established businesses. They also provide a variety of startup-related consulting services.
Jeremy first started playing around with software development as a kid in the late 70’s and early 80s — anyone remember the TRS-80, Apple IIe etc? He learned formal programming in Grade 1 (LOGO, BASIC). He built his first website in 1994.
In the mid-90s he had a “blog” (they weren’t called that yet — his was called a “web diary”) on the York University Computer Club server. He thinks he had two regular visitors.
His first job out of university was building large ERP systems in SmallTalk.
Later, after the Dot Crunch, Jeremy was one of the founders of a general purpose IT company, which they built from nothing to $1 million per year, with no outside capital. He learned a lot of life and business lessons the hard way in that process.
Along the way, he’s built and managed teams of developers and designers, developed some large, high traffic websites (and thousands of not-so-high traffic ones), done a lot of technical sales, created and executed business and marketing plans, and learned how to do collections calls. He has also done a fair bit of business travel, to some interesting and out of the way places.
In the last three years he’s participated in a large SEO experiment that tracked thousands of websites in a variety of combinations (static sites, CMS packages, blogs, regular and infrequent updates, various orders of magnitude sizing in number of pages etc) on a daily basis. He is not particularly interested in doing SEO work per se, but he knows how to build that knowledge into the products that he works on.
Jeremy has also written a number of articles for a miscellany of newspapers and magazines around the world.
He earned his BSc in Computer Science at York University in 1998.
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