Advisory Board

Jason Batt

Jason Batt is a writer, teacher, designer, artist, creator of communities, listener, and explorer. He currently serves as the Group Life Director and Lead Designer at a non-profit organization in Sacramento, California.
Jason serves as Creative and Editorial manager for 100 Year Starship. He creates visual engagement for 100 Year Starship programs and activities. He is also the managing editor of the 100YSS Symposium Proceedings.
He develops communities where loneliness can be cured and life can be lived, together. He is a community architect with a focus on the use of technology to aid groups in reaching their goals. He is skilled at integrating groups and technology and guiding them to use technology to reach their goals, technology that often at the time of introduction was unknown to them.
Jason has been engaged in community leadership for fourteen years, specifically focusing on meeting the needs of at-risk students. This has made him unique in a field known for its high turnover rate. He’s stayed passionate to changing the lives of young people. And to this, he also adds a sought-after grasp on the culture of today’s youth. He taught literature at a private high school outside of Chicago. It was through teaching that he first explored the power of small groups of people impacting their community.
Today, Jason has developed hundreds of small groups of connected individuals with the purpose of impacting their local community and addressing the needs around them. Just in the last year, these groups have been involved in homelessness relief efforts, community cleanup efforts including rebuilding of playgrounds, efforts to educate on AIDS, raising support to provide clean water to drought-impacted communities in Africa, and more. Currently, he is involved in developing community service groups focused on bringing together individuals of different faith backgrounds. He continues to train community group leaders to reproduce this work.
He has previously served on the Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Board. He was a panel speaker at the 2011 DARPA / NASA 100 Year Starship Symposium, a speaker at the 2012 and 2013 100 Year Starship Symposiums, and host for the Sci Fi Author Night at the 2013 Symposium.
Jason is a writer that has penned the children’s fantasy book Keaghan in Dreamside and the designer of many more, including the ALA Schneider-Family Book Award nominee, My Brother Fights Pirates (Sort of) and The Human Race to the Future published by the Lifeboat Foundation. He served as a judge for the Lifeboat to the Stars award for science fiction literature, which was presented at the Campbell Conference in June 2013.
Jason and his wife Karen have three children: two boys, Tristan and Keaghan, and one girl, Aisleyn. He earned his B.A. in Language Arts at Chadron State College in 1998.
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