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Matt Funk, BSc, MA, MFA, FLS, PhD Candidate

Matt Funk is Fellow of The Linnean Society of London.
His researches are focused upon all aspects of long-term human survival, especially insofar as evolutionary theory, cosmology, and economic development & investment strategy are concerned. Thus, a significant obstacle which hinders all prospects of long-term survival is fixed squarely within his sights; as George J. Stigler noted in 1982:

“In economics the most fundamental… central problem is the theory of value. The theory of value must explain how the comparative values of different goods and services are established. Until that problem is solved, it is not possible to analyse for scientific purposes what will be produced and in what quantities, how the resources will be employed in producing the menu of outputs, and how the resources will be valued. Without a theory of value the economist can have no theory of international trade nor possibly a theory of money.”

To this salient point, his search for a solution to this fundamental problem has yielded a unified theory of economic & evolutionary value which, in turn, informs economic development and investment strategies and, furthermore, promotes resource holding power, global threat mitigation, national security, international cooperation, and thus long-term human survival.
Matt authored On the Origin of Mass Extinctions: Darwin’s Nontrivial Error, On the Truly Noncooperative Game of Life on Earth: In Search of the Unity of Nature & Evolutionary Stable Strategy, On the Problem of Breathing, Eating, & Drinking Poison: An introduction to problem solving, nobility of purpose under adverse circumstances, and the search for truth with Sir Karl Popper on Prince Edward Island, and On the Problem of the Island of Earth: Introducing a Universal Theory of Value in an Open Letter to The President of the United States. Read the full list of his publications!
He earned his BSc in 1992 at The University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business Entrepreneur Program, his MFA in 1995 at The University of Southern California’s Peter Stark Television & Motion Picture Producing Program, and his MA in 2010 at The University of Prince Edward Island’s Island Studies Program. Presently, Matt is a Ph.D. Candidate at The University of Malta in the Department of Banking & Finance with the thesis On The Principles of Economics & Evolution: In Search of Evolutionarily Stable Finance, Banking & Alternative Investment Strategy.
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