Advisory Board

Amalie Sinclair

Amalie Sinclair is Director of the Leeward Space Foundation.
The Leeward Space Foundation supports efforts to help humanity become a space-faring race through exploration, commercialization, and colonization of our solar system and beyond. Since the development of space resources offers long-term answers to most of humanity’s most pressing concerns, they support research to find an affordable, reliable, and safe access to space in order to develop these resources to improve the lives of all of Earth’s people and to protect the environment in which we live.
Amalie was born in London where her parents met at art school over a game of chess. Her background is in the humanities and since an early age, she has been a student of the extant philosophies of Asia. In the 1970’s while living in Cambridge she developed a theoretical insight for the models of a deep semantic structure. In 1984 she located to California with her husband, a software engineer and family.
In 2000 she wrote and successfully produced a Millennium intercultural arts performance. In 2004 Amalie was invited to advocate for the formulations of an advanced US Policy, and has since given various presentations to the Lunar Science and space exploration communities.
Her interests are for cultural and economic development within the growing parameters of the space/information age capacities. Amalie is a naturalized US citizen.
View her Millenium Inter-cultural performance April 2000 Marin CA photos. Read Lunar Light – Planetary Renewal – a Holistic Viewpoint, The Silent Star Ship, Not the Politics of Outer Space, and A Sestina on Space. Read her LinkedIn profile.