Advisory Board

William Kemp

William Kemp is Founder & CEO at United Space Structures — Robotics for Space Construction and Project Manager at HDR Architecture.
United Space Structures is a development, design, and construction company that will operate in earth’s orbit building the future’s largest structures. They are developing several robotic platforms that will have the capability to build a double walled structure that is cylindrical in shape and measures 100 meters in diameter by 400 meters in length. This is a medium size structure that will produce 2.8 million cubic meters of habitable interior volume. In comparison, the interior volume of the International Space Station when completed will be 1,000 cubic meters.
Bill is founder of the FESSS space construction process, patent pending. He has 30 years experience in all fields of architecture and engineering, designing and managing projects ranging from $600 million to $27 billion. His primary design focus has been data centers and command centers with redundant engineering systems and blast hardened.
His greatest strength is coordinating large fast track projects that require complex state-of-the-art multi-discipline design engineering process. Managing projects with effective communication and coordination during a very dynamic design process was accomplished through Bill’s delegation of responsibility and building of teams which are inter-reliant with each other.
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